May 19-20, 2022: PD Neurotechnology® was invited by Elivie, a top French home care service provider, to present, how PDMonitor® assists Health Care Professionals in managing Parkinson’s patients more efficiently, during the Elivie Days Parkinson, held on May 19-20, in Marrakesh. The Elivie Days gathered more than 100 office-based neurologists and hospital-based neurologists from 27 Parkinson’s expert centers in France.

During the Elivie Days, PD Neurotechnology® team and Medshell, its local distributor, presented the following topics:

-PDMonitor®, a continuous objective monitoring medical device, supporting a Paradigm Shift in Parkinson’s Disease management

-The Physician Tool, as a management tool of the disease progress, together with interesting case studies

-PDMonitor® evidence, results and validation

Elivie nurses, who had already used the PDMonitor®, shared their positive experience with enthusiasm, prompting the attendees to include PDMonitor® in their daily practice.

Nikos Moschos, Founder and Business Director PD Neurotechnology® commented: “I would like to thank Elivie for their kind invitation and assure them that we will support them in the best way possible in their continuous search for new ways to help Parkinson’s Disease patients in France. I would also like to thank Medshell and Benoit Salaun for the great job they are doing representing PD Neurotechnology® in France.”


Dr. G. Rigas presenting PDMonitor® studies and validation

You can find the press release here