December 2021: In December 2021, PD Neurotechnology® has reached the milestone of 150 trained physicians in the usage of PDMonitor®. In 2020-2021, PD Neurotechnology® has successfully organized 6 in person PDMonitor® Induction and Usage training sessions in Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Lund and 4 Webex trainings at the company’s R&D and Production facility in Ioannina, together with more than 10 additional specialty center virtual sessions.

More than 150 Physicians from Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and US as well as Physiotherapists, PD Nurses and PD Researchers attended the 2-4h sessions offered by Professor Konitsiotis and other members of PD Neurotechnology® and were accordingly certified to use PDMonitor® in their daily practice.
Professor Konitsiotis showed among others a number of interesting case studies and the Physician Tool, a web-based application used by the Physicians to view and download patient reports with a comprehensive and objective assessment of the disease symptoms. It serves as a patient management tool, while at the same time it stores patient data for 10 years, as an Electronic Patient Record.

Professor Konitsiotis commented: “Through these trainings we have the chance to communicate with movement disorders specialists, exchange views and drive together a true paradigm shift in the Parkinson’s Disease management. Demand for these trainings has surpassed our expectations, leading to a new generation of Parkinson’s Disease specialists, digitally savvy, closely linked to their patients.”


You can find the press release here.