November 5, 2020: PD Neurotechnology® (PDN) organised three PDMonitor® Induction and Usage
training sessions:
> on Saturday, 19/9/2020, held in Electra Hotel, in Athens
> on Saturday, 10/10/2020, held in Makedonia Palace Hotel, in Thessaloniki, and
> on Saturday, 24/10/2020, via Webex, at the company’s R&D and Production facility.
30 Neurologists and Movement Disorders Specialists from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus attended the 4-hour sessions and were accordingly certified to use PDMonitor® in their daily practice.

Prof. Spiros Konitsiotis, Medical Director of PD Neurotechnology® commented:

“The paradigm shift in the way that Parkinson’s disease patients are being monitored starts here!”,

summarizing the essence of these trainings.


Photos from Athens and Thessaloniki PDMonitor® Induction and Usage training sessions, featuring distinguished Greek
Neurologists/participants and Proctors: Prof. S. Konitsiotis (Medical Director, PD Neurotechnology®),
Prof. D. Fotiadis (Technical Director, PD Neurotechnology®) & Prof. P. Stathis (Chief Neurologist at Mediterraneo Hospital)


You can find the press release here.