October 18th, 2019: PD Neurotechnology (PDN) participates in the Annual Conference of Parkinson's Disease Specialist Nursing Association, in Coventry on October 18, 2019.


PDMonitor, the first product developed by PDN, was well accepted and attracted interest by the visitors of PDN’s booth, mostly experienced specialist nurses and other healthcare professionals. They were impressed by its ability to measure with high accuracy 9 motor symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease, including Gait disturbances, its ease of use and telemonitoring capabilites.


Nikos Moschos, co Founder and Business Director of PD Neurotechnology commented:
“PDMonitor is a powerful tool for all Parkinson’s clinical experts, including the caregivers. PD nurse conferences, such as this, provide us with the opportunity to interact with real life practitioners and take valuable feedback about how to best use our innovative product and make everyone’s lives easier”.



You can find the press release here.