September 17-22, 2021: PD Neurotechnology® (PDN) featured as a sponsor and virtual exhibitor at the MDS Virtual Congress held on September 17-22, 2021, with more than 13.000 registrants. PD Neurotechnology® displayed at its virtual booth a webinar about Parkinson’s Disease, called:

“TeleHealth – A Paradigm Shift”,
where Prof. Angelo Antonini, Prof. Per Odin and Prof. Heinz Reichmann discussed in a round table with Prof. Spyros Konitsiotis about Telehealth in Parkinson’s disease patient management and the use of continuous objective monitoring.

Furthermore, PD Neurotechnology® presented the following conference abstract about its groundbreaking medical device PDMonitor®, which highlights the remote monitoring of Parkinson’s symptoms and especially of Freezing of Gait with high accuracy:

G. Rigas, N. Kostikis, N. Tachos, K. Tsamis, M. Tsiknakis, S. Konitsiotis, D. Fotiadis (2021). Shank range of motion as a measure of gait impairment in TUG test [abstract]. Mov Disord. 2021; 36 (suppl 1).

Nikos Moschos, Founder and Business Director of PD Neurotechnology commented: “PD Neurotechnology® is committed to support MDS efforts to offer state-of-the-art knowledge to movement disorder specialists worldwide. Stay tuned for enticing publications about PD Monitor as the continuous objective monitoring journey unfolds”.

You can find the press release here.