September 19, 2022: PD Neurotechnology® was present as an exhibitor at the International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders ® in Madrid, on September 15-18, 2022. This was the 4th consecutive participation of PD Neurotechnology® at the global MDS congress, where they have been an active exhibitor since 2019.

During the MDS Congress, the PD Neurotechnology® team showcased to more than 80 delegates from various countries their experience based on the first 7000 days of recording with PDMonitor®, on more than 500 patients in 13 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, PD Neurotechnology® presented two conference abstracts about how the real-world evidence data supports the feasibility of telemedicine in Parkinson’s disease and the perceived satisfaction of the physicians using continuous telemonitoring technology:

Ntanis A, Rigas G, Tsamis K, Tsakanika A, Kanellos F, Konitsiotis S and Fotiadis DI. Physician Satisfaction from Continuous Telemonitoring in Parkinson's Disease. Movement Disorders. 2022;37 (suppl 1).

Rigas G, Tachos N, Kostikis N, Kontogiannis S, Kostoulas E, Bousis A, Konitsiotis S and Fotiadis DI. Real-world evidence and feasibility of telemedicine in Parkinson’s disease. Movement Disorders. 2022;37 (suppl 1).

Professor Konitsiotis, Founder and Medical Director of PD Neurotechnology®, commented: “It was a pleasure to showcase our evidence from the last 2 years of PDMonitor® use in real life & clinical studies. The results are very promising, physician acceptance is invigorating and we firmly believe that PDMonitor® will revolutionize Parkinson’s patient management.”

Nikos Moschos, Founder and Business Director of PD Neurotechnology® also noted:

“PDMonitor®, our transformative, medical-grade technology which offers continuous monitoring, full symptom coverage and a holistic view of the patient, has reached the important milestone of 7,000 days of recording, until May 2022. We deeply appreciate the conviction in PDMonitor® usage shown by close to 200 physicians globally. They can be assured that we will keep supporting them in their effort to drive a Paradigm Shift in Parkinson’s Disease management.”


From left to right at the booth:

Antonis Papadimitriou, Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, PD Neurotechnology®Professor Spyridon Konitisiotis, Founder & Medical Director, PD Neurotechnology®, Lambrini Liouta, Customer Support, PD Neurotechnology®, Nikolaos Moschos, Founder & Business Director, PD Neurotechnology®, Giacomo Bornacin, Managing Director, XMed Innovazioni Medicali S.r.l., Francisco Bulnes Perez, Prim S.A., Michele Ferrarese, XMed Innovazioni Medicali S.r.l.

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