September 22nd, 2019: PD Neurotechnology (PDN) was present as an exhibitor at the International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders at Nice, in September 2019, among other 38 international exhibitors and 6000 delegates from more than 100 countries.


“PD Monitor, PDN’s groundbreaking first product, could revolutionize patient treatment by tracing, recording and processing a variety of symptoms, frequently presented in the disease, through the continuous use of a set of wearable monitoring devices”. This was a common notion and expressed feedback by the more than 150 delegates who visited PDN’s booth, most of them expert Neurologists and Movement Disorders Specialists from all over the world.


Nikos Moschos, co Founder and Business Director of PD Neurotechnology commented: “It was our pleasure to discuss with physicians and industry experts throughout this very
important conference about the paradigm shift PDMonitor’s usage can bring to Parkinson’s disease treatment. Continuous monitoring and precise symptoms detection (including OFF time estimation) together with drug and food intake information can prove to be a powerful tool in the hands of expert physicians. Feedback received and collaborations discussed validate our vision about successful, personalized management of chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s”.


Prof Spyros Konitsiotis MD, PhD, Prof Dimitris Fotiadis (not present in photo), Tassos Manos and Nikos Moschos, co Founders of PDN, together with distinguished members of PDN’s delegation.



You can find the press release here.