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A wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of movement disorders. A sophisticated expert system for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Our team has developed an innovative, non-invasive, continuous monitoring medical device and a sophisticated expert system. The PDMonitor® is built to support doctors in monitoring and treating Parkinson’s disease patients and patients with other movement disorders.

The system has accumulated research and development activities of more than 10 years.

The PDMonitor® is a medical device for monitoring Parkinson’s disease, which could revolutionize patient treatment by: tracing, recording and processing a variety of symptoms, frequently presented in the disease, through the continuous use of a set of wearable monitoring devices. Α mobile app is used to facilitate patient doctor interaction and the overall patient experience.

Symptoms monitored:

The analysis of these symptoms is complemented with information on lifestyle and drug adherence– from the PDMonitor® patient mobile app. As a result, physician can obtain a comprehensive view of the patient’s unique disease progression and can modify the therapy accordingly. By continuously monitoring and analysing symptoms and disease progression, PDMonitor®  could be beneficial in clinical decision-making and personalized disease treatment. It can also promote better patient-physician interaction and enhance the overall patient experience.


The PDMonitor® consists of:

  1. Five monitoring devices. These lightweight and unobtrusive devices are worn by the patient on different body parts. Each device collects kinematic data for all three dimensions. The patient wears the device, as often as required, in accordance with the physician’s suggestion.
  2. A docking station – SmartBox. The monitoring devices are docked in the SmartBox for charging and uploading patient information to the cloud. The SmartBox also contains a computation unit. Apart from wearing the devices, the PDMonitor® requires no further user intervention for the information to reach the treating physician.
  3. A mobile app. A mobile app for patients or caregivers to interact with the device and provide important diary information.
  4. The Cloud. The back end of the PDMonitor® system where patient data is securely stored.
  5. The Physician Tool. A web-based application to view and download patient reports with a comprehensive and objective assessment of the disease symptoms.


PD Neurotechnology Ltd implements a quality assurance system, which fulfills the requirements of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices with respect to the PDMonitor® (Class IIa).

Download the CE certificate for the PDMonitor® here.

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