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For Patients

A wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of movement disorders. A sophisticated expert system for patients with Parkinson’s disease.


The PDMonitor® is a wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, designed for home use by patients and their caregivers. PDMonitor® derived information can assist your physician fine-tune disease treatment regimen to better handle your motor symptoms and reduce any unwanted drug-related complications.

The expected benefits for patients are:

  1. Objective view of the disease progression
  2. Ability to seek advice and hold discussions with the physician, based on actual data and not hypotheses
  3. Self-report; they can easily share data with physician and other caregivers
  4. Physician constantly monitors and assesses their condition
  5. Visits organized when significant treatment changes are required

Through the continuous, objective flow of information about the disease symptoms, the physician can make better informed decisions about the treatment of the disease and any complications.

PDMonitor® aims to improve patient-physician interaction and clinical decision making, and enhance overall patient experience.

Any patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease, who is treated by a healthcare professional could have access to the system.
Using the device and mobile application throughout the year, the patient will be able to follow his or her progress, perform simple tasks through the specific section of the application and interact with the physician and the caregiver in a simple, coherent and value adding manner.

• PDMonitor® should be used only under a medical professional’s supervision. It is not intended to replace your physician, and it is no match to his/her expertise.

• Your treating physician is the one designing your treatment regimen and you should follow his/her instructions on how to use the device. If you use the PDMonitor® according to the instructions of your treating physician, he/she will be able to review the results of your recordings and act upon them, offering you a fine-tuned, tailored therapy.

• The system is built so that it is easy to use, requires no special knowledge or experience, is not invasive and is easily removable. Its materials are biocompatible, and it is water resistant. It shouldn’t be worn when swimming, however, you do not have to remove it while washing the dishes or performing your household chores.

As of yet, the PDMonitor® is not cleared for sales in the US market.




Practical Self-Assessment<br>of Patient Status

Practical Self-Assessment
of Patient Status

Communication Width Doctor<br>& Status Reporting Through<br>Mobile App

Communication Width Doctor
& Status Reporting Through
Mobile App

Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

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