September 17, 2020: PD Neurotechnology® (PDN) was a sponsor at the MDS Virtual Congress 2020 held between 12 and 16 September.

Among other, PD Neurotechnology® had the opportunity to present three conference publications as follows:

1) Tsamis, K., Rigas, G., Tachos, N., Kakalou, D., Kostikis, N., Konitsiotis, S., & Fotiadis, D. (2020).
Towards a method for accurate detection of diphasic dyskinesia: 1435. Movement Disorders, 35.

2) Rigas, G., Kakalou, D., Tachos, N., Tsamis, K., Kostikis, N., Marcante, A., & Fotiadis, D. (2020).
Instrumented Detection of Fluctuations with Wearable Devices in Parkinson's Disease: 1426. Movement Disorders, 35.

3) Kostikis, N., Rigas, G., Tachos, N., Tsamis, K., Kakalou, D., Konitsiotis, S., & Fotiadis, D. (2020).
Test-Retest Reliability of Sensor-Based Telemonitoring of Parkinsonian Gait at Home: 1416. Movement Disorders, 35.

The above were in addition to this year’s publication list as follows:

1) Kostikis, N., Rigas, G., Konitsiotis, S., Fotiadis, D., (2020).
PDMonitor® a novel system for objective monitoring of Parkinson’s disease, Movement Disorders Clinical Practice (82).

2) Kostikis, N., Rigas, G., Tachos, N., Konitsiotis, S., Fotiadis, D. (2020).
On body sensor Position Identification with a Simple, Robust and Accurate Method, Validated in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease, 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC).

Prof. Fotiadis, Technical Director of PD Neurotechnology®, commented:

“We follow closely MDS proceedings and we are highly satisfied about the acceptance of our articles in
these important conferences. PD Neurotechnology® is committed to continuously innovate, disseminate
knowledge and support with PDMonitor® the management of Parkinson’s disease patients”


MDS Virtual Congress


You can find the press release here.