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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

PD Neurotechnology Ltd is a high tech medical device company, founded in London, UK in 2015, by a team of experts in patient monitoring systems for movement disorders. Sales and marketing is based in Athens, Greece, and R&D and production in Ioannina, Greece. The company focuses its activities on the research, development, production, distribution, sales and marketing of systems and services, which include but are not limited to medical devices, sensors and software for the monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

PD Neurotechnology has established a high-quality infrastructure. The R&D unit has a fully equipped electronic lab, which can produce and test prototypes. There is a specialized design and prototyping department employing 3D printers and advanced computing and visualization software infrastructure, server installation with all the security requirements for data storage, powerful workstations for software development and a well-designed working environment. Production, which is located next to the R&D unit, operates in a modern and attractive environment, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art assembly and testing equipment. Quality is our highest priority, and this is established through a series of quality assurance tests and processes, both in R&D and in production.

PD Neurotechnology’s highly talented people, including many masters and doctorate holders, are materializing an inspiring innovation pipeline. They are steered by the four founders and the Medical Advisory Board. Additionally, PD Neurotechnology has developed collaborations with external consultants for the certification of its products, as well as law firms in Greece, UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland for protecting its intellectual property.



It has been awarded by the Business Seeds of the National Bank of Greece, won the second place at The Hellenic Institute 4th Venture Fair (July, 2018), was a finalist and winner of the Envolve Award Greece 2018, and it has been funded by private investors and the National Bank of Greece.

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